BCG North America DEI Alumni Award

Our DEI Alumni Award recognizes alumni who are powerfully promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations and communities. Meet this year’s winners—and discover how they’re making a difference.

Through our vast network of alumni—people who have served at BCG and then moved on to impressive careers in an array of industries and sectors—we have developed leaders who are helping their organizations build cultures that promote and benefit from diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Thanks to their notable achievements, our alumni are also helping BCG fulfill our own commitments to DEI—which include founding the North America Center for Inclusion and Equity and investing $1 million over five years to support organizations in North America leading the DEI charge.

To recognize alumni making notable strides in advancing DEI, BCG has inaugurated the annual North America DEI Alumni Award. Five awards were given this year, with winners selected based on their ability to make a measurable impact, exert influence, and excel at innovation through leading-edge work. Winners have each been awarded $10,000, which they are donating to eligible organizations of their choosing.

DEI Alumni Award: We look forward to announcing the 2022 winners in October!

Meet the 2021 DEI Alumni Award Winners

Meet Brittany, Jim, Kyle, Ellen, Bay, and Jasmine. These incredible BCG alums are working hard to create change and advance equity for all. To learn more about them, their work and the organization to whom they’ll be donating their award, continue on to their individual sections.


Donation organizations: Ellen and Bay are donating their DEI alumni award prize to Greensboro Health Disparities Collaborative, a decades-old collective of community members, physicians, and institutional leaders who have closed racial gaps in cancer by directly addressing structural racism and using a community organizing approach; and the Indigenous Resurgence Institute, devoted to strengthening Indigenous cultural practices, creating spaces and environments for cultural practice, and leading the work of international repatriation.

Why Groundwater Institute was selected as a DEI alumni award winner: Groundwater Institute counts among the most impressive organizations tackling DEI issues in the workplace today. In their creation of the institute and their ongoing work through it, Ellen and Bay have helped business leaders across the US deepen their understanding of the causes and impacts of racial injustice.

Donation organization: Brittany is donating her prize to Black Product Managers—a network of leaders who coach Black talent and help them secure jobs in high impact roles and companies—which she cofounded.

Why Brittany was selected as a DEI alumni award winner: In her work at MainStreet, which helps software, hardware, and venture-backed startups claim tax credits, as well as her cofounding and leadership of Black Product Managers, Brittany has excelled at engaging leaders around her in driving positive change. She is especially notable for her tenacity in the face of the skepticism or inertia that allows injustice to continue merely because “it has always been this way.”

Donation organization: Kyle is donating his prize to Teach for Canada, a nonprofit organization that works with northern First Nations to recruit, prepare, and support committed teachers.

Why Kyle was selected as a DEI alumni award winner: Kyle has long been committed to supporting Indigenous communities in northern Canada. Remote, isolated communities in the north have been left behind—including in the area of education—for generations. Thanks to Kyle’s leadership in cofounding and leading Teach for Canada, he and his organization have recruited, trained, and supported over 200 teachers who have improved educational outcomes for thousands of students in the north.

Donation organization: Jim is donating his prize to the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Why Jim was selected as a DEI alumni award winner: During his tenure at BCG, Jim has been instrumental in attracting talent from diverse backgrounds and successful in recruiting them to join the firm. He also helped BCG to build an even more inclusive organizational culture, one that has leveled the playing field for people who come from different starting points. Additionally, he has provided valuable and inspiring advice on DEI issues to BCG clients seeking to build a similar organizational culture.

Donation organization: Jasmine is donating her prize to the Alliance College--Ready Public Schools Foundation (ACRPS). ACRPS is one of the largest and most successful nonprofit public charter school networks in the nation, operating 26 high-performing, tuition-free middle and high schools in the Los Angeles area. The network is focused on improving public education—a key to unlocking the potential and transforming the lives of young people and their families.

Why Jasmine was selected as a DEI alumni award winner: For more than a decade, Jasmine has dedicated her career to ensuring that all children—regardless of ZIP code, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background—have access to a high-quality public education. Thanks to her work and dedication, thousands of ACRPS's 13,000 students and 18,000 alumni received increased opportunities to complete their college degrees.

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