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BCG in Copenhagen

Kalvebod Brygge 24
8th floor
Copenhagen V 1560

T +45 77 32 34 00

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Noor Yassin



Alumni and Media

Amalie Butze


Featured News

Bigger, Bolder, and Faster: The Digital Agenda for Nordic Companies

Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden have enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for advances in digital technology. Yet the reality for Nordic companies is quite different. In recent years they have failed to keep up with the advances of others. BCG’s global survey of companies, based on each company’s self-assessment, found that the Nordics compare well only on digital vision and strategy. When it comes to execution, Nordic companies are well below the global average.

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Nordics: Bigger, Bolder, and Faster

Digitizing Denmark

Denmark must make faster and broader digitization a national top priority—to secure future GDP growth and create new jobs, as well as to stay competitive in a global and increasingly digital world. The value at stake for Denmark? Embracing emerging digital industries could translate to an 83% increase in the GDP growth rate.

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Nordic Agenda 2017: As Their Lead Slips, Nordics Look to Revitalize Growth

After more than a half-century of economic and social success, Nordic countries are confronting the reality that they must adapt. The countries’ ability to keep providing world-class social benefits is in question because of changes that are eroding the foundations of their economies. Those changes include the rise of new global competitors and the trend toward digitalization of economic activities around the world. While Nordic countries are still operating from a position of strength, their future is no longer assured.

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Growing Positive Change

This publication takes you through some of the pro bono journeys the Copenhagen office has embarked on within the past few years. It highlights the extraordinary achievements of the non-profit organizations we have worked with and their relentless effort to improve society.

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