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Power and Utilities

Technological innovations are transforming how the power industry serves customers, identifies market opportunities, and plans for long-term growth.

Along with emerging opportunities for the power industry come challenges, including new and more stringent regulations, nuclear uncertainty in some countries, and questions about the best ways for power grids to integrate conventional and renewable supplies.

To thrive in this environment, power companies must reexamine and, in many cases, transform their business models. For competitive advantage, it is essential to create successful strategies for utilities transformation and use big data anlaytics.

Utility Transformation

Power and Gas Regulation

Power and gas companies have been affected by increased government intervention in energy markets. Government interventions include long-standing policies, like renewable support. They also include abrupt, high-impact policy decisions—such as Germany’s determination to accelerate its phaseout of nuclear energy following the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 and New York’s 2014 launch of its Reforming the Energy Vision initiative, a plan for overhauling the state’s business model for electric utilities. 

Unsuccessful treatment of regulatory changes can have a devastating effect on power and gas markets. In Europe, a combination of poor regulatory management and slow action to market changes wiped out 50% of the sector’s market cap over a seven-year period.

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