BCG’s Latest Thinking on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The business case for workplace diversity is strong, but many leaders are uncertain how best to build an organization that incorporates a variety of perspectives and experiences. Explore BCG’s latest thinking on diversity and inclusion to understand the benefits of diversity, how to achieve it, and how to unlock the potential of a diverse workforce.

Featured Insights

Advancing Diversity

Climate Action’s Hidden Opportunities for Women

Climate action has a gender-neutral lens, but this lack of intentionality allows underlying biases to sneak in and negatively impact women. BCG managing director and partner Zineb Sqalli offers solutions for advancing both sustainability and gender equality.

Rethink and Broaden Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to Create a Competitive Advantage

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are deceptively challenging topics that require careful consideration across an organization. They are also key sources of competitive advantage. Here's what it will take for businesses to unlock the rewards.

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Caregiver Support

Fragile Foundations_ Metamorphosis Podcast_DEI LT.png

American Metamorphosis: Fragile Foundations

This episode of the "American Metamorphosis" podcast from BCG and Atlantic Re:think examines the mental load many women carry for their households and explores how businesses can bolster support systems for working parents and caregivers.

Developing Leaders

Women’s Path to Leadership in Tech - rectangle

Women’s Path to Leadership in Tech

Companies facing intense competition for talent can take concrete steps to attract more women to tech and encourage them on their path to leadership.

Workforce Trends


When a Paycheck Is Not Enough

Pay, promotion, and benefits have been the traditional carrots for hiring & retaining employees. Gabi Novacek explains how these elements are changing.

The Payoff for Upskilling Women in STEM

Companies can create the workforce they need—and increase the number of women in STEM leadership roles—by offering women more opportunities to build their skills.

Culture & Engagement

Why the First Year Matters for LGBTQ+ Employees - rectangle

Why the First Year Matters for LGBTQ+ Employees

The first 12 months at a new job are a critical time for LGBTQ+ people to present their authentic selves in the workplace. Those who don’t come out professionally then are likely to remain closeted.

Industry and Regional Insights

Why Mobility Matters When It Comes to Social Inclusion

Here are five ways to ensure individuals from all levels of society can easily move around cities.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion