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O Poder da sua Estratégia de Pessoas

Nesses tempos desafiadores, as organizações devem elevar o ativo mais importante que têm: seus funcionários. Concentrando-se nos fundamentos da estratégia de pessoas — liderança, cultura, talento, reorganização e RH — as empresas podem emergir mais fortes, mais ágeis, mais inovadoras e mais capazes de responder a um ambiente em constante mudança.

Nossa Expertise

For years, technology has been radically transforming the way work gets done, changing the skills that people need for their jobs, and redefining the jobs that will be needed. But the pandemic has catapulted businesses five to ten years into the digital future. Virtually overnight, remote working and automated operations have become realities.

To navigate these challenges, it is imperative that companies become bionic: that is, they must intertwine new technologies with human capabilities to power growth, innovation, and, resilience. From the C-suite to the frontlines, and everywhere in between, a successful people strategy stands on three pillars:

Os Pilares da Estratégia de Pessoas

Como o BCG Cria Vantagem para as Pessoas

A consultoria de estratégia de pessoas do BCG baseia-se em três verdades centrais.

We Work with Clients—Not On Them—To Unlock the Power of their People

We empower and enable clients to design and deliver programs that build their own capabilities across all levels of their organization. Rather than offering traditional, ancillary programs in leadership development and talent development, BCG applies cutting-edge behavioral science to daily operations, enabling people to activate and embed new ways of working while on the job.

We Practice What We Preach

BCG is globally recognized for its world-class people operations. We consistently rank among the best places to work—and we apply the same proven people strategies to our clients. We bring deep expertise in engaging employees and creating a diverse, inclusive culture that enables organizations to thrive.

We Understand that Purpose Fuels Performance

Organizations that maintain a strong sense of purpose—and activate a purpose-driven culture—are more than twice as likely to have above-average shareholder returns.

Using a holistic, human-centric lens, we collaborate with clients on the fundamental pillars of people strategy: leadership and culture, talent and skills, and enabling the HR organization to support business leaders as a strategic partner.

Leadership Development and Organization Culture Teaser Image

Leadership Development and Organizational Culture

A chave para o desempenho de negócios superior está mantendo um link firme entre liderança, cultura impulsionada pelo propósito e criação de valor. A liderança e a cultura serão especialmente importantes em um mundo pós-COVID-19 devido ao aumento drástico nos ambientes de trabalho digital e virtual.

Nossa abordagem, informada pela ciência comportamental, ajuda os líderes a criar uma cultura de empoderamento que permite que as pessoas façam seu melhor trabalho.

Talent Management, Reskilling, and Upskilling Teaser

Talent Management, Reskilling, and Upskilling

The global pandemic has thrust companies into new digital territory: employees are working and collaborating remotely, consumers are spending more online, and supply chains are more automated. The talent and skills required to achieve your digital ambition are changing as well. More than ever, companies must invest in reskilling, upskilling, and continuous learning programs to close essential skill gaps and secure the capabilities needed to succeed in a post-COVID-19 world.

We work with companies to unleash new ways of working that not only enable execution but also spur innovation, flexibility, and agility.

The Future of HR Teaser

Shaping the Future of HR

HR is morphing into one of the most critical and dynamic functions in today’s digitally focused organizations. Our people management consulting helps clients transition to more agile and digital HR, leverage people analytics, and optimize employee engagement.


Our Research Makes a Clear Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

When organizations create an inclusive culture that values diversity, everyone wins.

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