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Nossas perspectivas mais recentes sobre Indústrias de Processos e Materiais de Construção

As indústrias de produtos químicos, agronegócios e de materiais de construção têm sido revolucionadas pela adoção de tecnologia inteligente, a fim de ajudar no processo de manufatura. Ao mesmo tempo, a digitalização generalizada está apenas começando. Saiba mais sobre a liderança de ideias do BCG em indústrias de processo, obtenha insights do setor 4.0 e planeje seu futuro digital.

Ideias em destaque

Consolidation as a Route to Transformation

In a joint report, BCG and the Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association explore how M&A will help companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries build strategic, operational, and capability-based foundations and attain market leadership in certain segments.

Process Industries in Brazil

The BIM Revolution Comes to Building Materials

BIM Revolution Comes to Building Materials

Building information modeling is about much more than object libraries. Materials companies can use BIM to showcase their capabilities, develop new offerings, and move into services.

Growing on Data

Agricultural-input suppliers need to act fast because the rapidly increasing use of digital information will quickly sort the winners from the losers.

The Offsite Revolution in Construction

The Offsite Revolution in Construction

As the construction industry shifts from traditional onsite methods to factory-based, offsite techniques, all stakeholders should seek ways to navigate the disruption and pursue the opportunities.

Building the Housing of the Future

Building the Housing of the Future

Alternatives to traditional homes account for up to 6% of all new residential units built annually, and demand is predicted to continue. The construction industry must adapt.

A Guide to the Revolution in Smart Buildings

As the market consolidates and expands, rich opportunities are emerging. Established companies should adjust their business models, and newcomers should secure the right capabilities.

Parmeet Grover on Transforming Industrial Giants' Go-to-Market Strategy.

Parmeet Grover on Transforming Industrial Giants' Go-to-Market Strategy.

The Emergence of Digitization is Challenging Building Materials Companies

Arne Burfeind on New Asset-Light Business Models

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Justin Rose sobre como as empresas de bens industriais podem se organizar para a transformação digital

A Oportunidade dos Softwares em Materiais de Construção

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Indústrias de Transformação & Materiais de Construção