Digitizing Consumers in India: Future of Indian ConsumerTech Opportunities and Challenges

Abheek Singhi Nimisha Jain Parul Bajaj Shaleen Sinha Ankit Sharma Vishal Medida Shravan Jain

The Indian startup ecosystem has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years. Having raise over $100Bn in the last 3 years, the ecosystem has given birth to 110+ unicorns. ConsumerTech space catering to 8 core customer needs has been at the forefront of this growth accounting for one third of the capital raised and contributing to 40+ unicorns. The ConsumerTech space in India has remained resilient and is now valued at $250+ Bn. The industry is witnessing the emergence of new trends which will need startups to adapt to the evolving consumer preferences.

With this context, BCG partnered with Matrix Partners India to analyse the current ConsumerTech space and uncover key trends in this market. The report dives deep into the evolution and current landscape for ConsumerTech start-ups. It covers key trends in the consumer behaviour and category preferences along with pandemic induced changes in the ecosystem. It also talks about the emergence of new online shopper cohorts along with growth in the enabling infrastructure. It also covers the key learnings for founders to navigate the landscape strategically as eventually scale up meaningfully from 0-to-10 and then from 10-to-100. It covers the critical factors which are key levers for driving growth for start-ups and scaling sustainably.