Наши последние наработки по вопросам многообразия и инклюзивности

Бизнес-аргументы пользу многообразия кадрового состава сильны, но многие руководители не до конца понимают, как лучше выстроить организационную структуру, которая включала бы точки зрения и опыт разных людей. Ознакомьтесь с последними наработками BCG по вопросам многообразия и инклюзивности, чтобы понять преимущества многообразия, узнать, как его добиться и раскрыть его потенциал.


How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

Want to generate inventive new ideas that can win in the market? Build management teams comprising people with the widest possible range of backgrounds and perspectives.

COVID-19 и будущее рынка труда

COVID-19 и будущее рынка труда

Изменения в работе и жизни в целом будут происходить по пяти направлениям, вынуждая нас менять модели поведения.

Developing Leaders

Women on the Move - People & Organization

Women on the Move

BCG research shows that, contrary to popular belief, the majority of women are willing to travel abroad for work. By making international posts more appealing to women as well as to men, companies can build more balanced leadership teams.

Podcasts from Women@BCG

Experts discuss the latest research on diversity and inclusion.

Winning the Race for Women in Digital

To build the digital workforce that the future demands, companies must recruit—and retain—women.

Culture & Engagement

Flex-Work Programs That Actually Work

Giving employees the freedom to determine where, when, and how much they work is rapidly becoming a business imperative.

Engaging Men

How Millennial Men Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Companies trying to create a more equitable workplace have a valuable resource on their own staff: young men, whose attitudes toward gender diversity are closely aligned with those of women.

Industry Insights

Почему гендерный подход в маркетинге вредит бизнесу

Партнер-эксперт BCG Габи Барриос объясняет, почему для повышения эффективности брендам стоит отказаться от гендерного подхода в маркетинге.

What’s Keeping Women Out of Data Science?

An image problem in this fast-growing field has turned into a potentially dangerous diversity problem. Companies must do more to dispel the myths and combat the negative perceptions.

Regional Perspectives

The Diversity Dividend in Southeast Asia

The Diversity Dividend in Southeast Asia

Only about half the companies in the region have a formal diversity program in place—far lower than the global average. But those initiatives are generating results.

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