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Текущий экономический и политический климат влияет на рынок корпоративных транзакций самым неожиданным образом. Познакомьтесь с последними публикациями BCG по поддержке корпоративных транзакций (как на стороне покупателя, так и на стороне продавца), а также по проведению интеграции после слияний и анализу наиболее выгодных на сегодняшний день сделок

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Cracking the Code of Digital M&A

Less visible sources of value—such as scientific acumen and social media influence—are critical to justifying the high price of digital assets.

COVID-19’s Impact on Global M&A

M&A can play a major role in helping companies survive the crisis. Preparation, steady nerves, and a willingness to be bold are the keys to success.

M&A Industry Focus


Riding the M&A Wave in Consumer Goods

Market conditions are favorable for M&A. Expect a lot of deals, and expect most to destroy value—until companies learn how to turn the tide and create value.

Post-Merger Integration

How Full-Potential PMI Delivers Superior Results

BCG Managing Director & Partner Ib Löfgrén defines the concept of full-potential PMI—a powerful way to help clients deliver value by creating a platform for future growth—and shows how BCG is supporting clients beyond typical benchmarks for traditional PMIs.

Joint Ventures




IPO Performance and the Quest for Capital

IPOs offering only existing shares outperform those seeking fresh capital due to the signaling effect associated with a public listing.

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Anatomy of an Ideal IPO Candidate

There is plenty to do before the CEO of a newly public company can ring the bell. The key to minimizing the risks of underperformance is to get the preparation right.

Vendor Due Diligence

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