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Centre for Growth

UK businesses are at the forefront of scientific discovery, new business models, and technological innovation. BCG’s Centre for Growth helps accelerate UK economic growth by working with businesses, government, and society to capitalise on these advantages.

The UK economy has had a tumultuous few years—a span that includes the largest decline in GDP in 300 years and the upheaval of leaving a trading bloc after nearly five decades. Despite a relatively strong economic recovery, the outlook for growth, productivity, and investment is forecast to be weak in the short and medium term. We believe there’s an opportunity to rewrite that outlook, owing to the UK’s fundamental strengths in knowledge and R&D, location and connectivity, entrepreneurialism, and innovation.

How do we best unleash the UK’s innate advantages? That’s a question our Centre for Growth asks and answers—by identifying breakthrough outcomes and working with decision-makers to deliver transformational change.

The growth challenge facing the UK is not one the public or private sector can tackle alone. We draw upon BCG’s global network of experts to identify breakthrough opportunities, develop actionable policy ideas, connect key decision-makers, and build coalitions for change. It’s a holistic approach that combines strategic insight, cross-sector expertise, and collaboration—all designed to orchestrate both dialogue and action.

Our Approach to Energising UK Growth

The impetus—and need—for progress has never been greater. To unlock new opportunities and propel economic growth, we focus on big shifts that:

    • Build on the UK’s sources of comparative advantage
    • Capitalise on global megatrends and forces that are poised to shape the future
    • Sit at the intersection of the public and private sector, where joint action can deliver outsized returns and benefits

    We utilise the unique experience of our team—which includes people who have served as senior policy-makers in the public sector and others who have spent decades working with private sector companies—to identify and deliver opportunities to energise UK growth.

    BCG has had a significant presence in the UK since 1970, working with many of the leading companies across industries, including consumer goods, health care, energy, and financial services. Our work in the UK public sector also goes back decades, and includes our role as the exclusive consultancy partner of COP27.

    Through the lens of our UK experience, we support—and spark—our clients’ growth, helping them improve productivity, become bionic companies, reduce carbon emissions, and boost agility and sustainability. It’s a collaboration that spurs innovation, enabling clients—and the UK—to thrive amidst environmental, societal, and industrial change.

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