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For years, technology has been radically transforming the way work gets done, changing the skills that people need for their jobs, and redefining the jobs that will be needed. But the pandemic has catapulted businesses five to ten years into the digital future. Virtually overnight, remote working and automated operations have become realities.

To navigate these challenges, it is imperative that companies become bionic: that is, they must intertwine new technologies with human capabilities to power growth, innovation, and, resilience. From the C-suite to the frontlines, and everywhere in between, a successful people strategy stands on three pillars:


BCG 如何帮助打造人才优势

BCG 人才战略咨询基于三大核心事实。

We Work with Clients—Not On Them—To Unlock the Power of their People

We empower and enable clients to design and deliver programs that build their own capabilities across all levels of their organization. Rather than offering traditional, ancillary programs in leadership development and talent development, BCG applies cutting-edge behavioral science to daily operations, enabling people to activate and embed new ways of working while on the job.

We Practice What We Preach

BCG is globally recognized for its world-class people operations. We consistently rank among the best places to work—and we apply the same proven people strategies to our clients. We bring deep expertise in engaging employees and creating a diverse, inclusive culture that enables organizations to thrive.

We Understand that Purpose Fuels Performance

Organizations that maintain a strong sense of purpose—and activate a purpose-driven culture—are more than twice as likely to have above-average shareholder returns.

Using a holistic, human-centric lens, we collaborate with clients on the fundamental pillars of people strategy: leadership and culture, talent and skills, and enabling the HR organization to support business leaders as a strategic partner.

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Leadership Development and Organizational Culture

卓越企业绩效的关键是保持 领导层、目标驱动的文化以及价值创造之间的紧密关联。鉴于数字和虚拟工作环境的急剧增加,领导力和文化在新冠疫情后将变得尤为重要。

我们基于行为科学的方法帮助领导者打造赋能 文化, 让员工在工作中发挥最大潜能。

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Talent Management, Reskilling, and Upskilling

新冠疫情企业推入了新的数字领域:员工远程进行办公和协作,消费者在线消费增加,供应链更加自动化。实现企业数字化目标所需的人才和技能也在发生变化。企业比以往任何时候都更需要 投资于再培训、技能提升和持续学习项目,以缩小基本技能差距,确保具备在新冠疫情后取得成功所需的能力。


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Shaping the Future of HR

人力资源正成为当今数字化组织中最关键和最具活力的职能之一。我们的人才管理咨询能够帮助客户实现向更加灵活和 人力资源数字化运用人力资源分析,优化员工敬业度。


Our Research Makes a Clear Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

When organizations create an inclusive culture that values diversity, everyone wins.



  • Capturing Leadership and Talent at a Global Resources Company
    One company’s investment in developing its frontline leaders created a lasting competitive advantage.
  • Achieving Agile Transformation at a Financial Institution
    ING Bank Netherlands partnered with BCG to adopt an end-to-end agile model to accelerate and enhance its responsiveness to clients.


The Bionic Company

Can companies find the right design to unleash the power of technology?

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