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The speed and effectiveness of learning increasingly drives competitive advantage. BCG U combines the expertise of practitioners, designers, tech developers, and technology to provide the necessary organizational learning, upskilling and reskilling, and training to create competitive advantage. Powerful learning organizations are built quickly and at scale, so teams are ready to succeed in a digital future.

In an increasingly bionic age, leading organizations will be those that can blend the powerful capabilities of humans with the latest advances in technology. Keeping up with the human side of that equation means enabling continuous skill development, both within an executive team and across an organization.

Whether it’s the evolution of digital and AI, shifts in work models and customer expectations, or the need to address issues of climate and sustainability, the pace of change is dizzying. Learning must keep up to prepare the workforce of the future.

BCG U’s Purpose-Driven Upskilling and Reskilling

Our global purpose is summarized in one simple statement: unlocking the potential of those who advance the world. Through the depth and breadth of our experience in every industry and capability, we are uniquely positioned to offer science-based talent development and high-reach learning to organizations needing to pivot the scope of their capabilities in order to thrive in today’s environment.

BCG U enables organizations to upskill their talent with the help of the latest technology, scientific learning approaches, and a world-class faculty. We customize learning strategies depending on need, building capabilities across all layers of an organization—from executive programs to training and development on the frontlines. In doing so, we help unlock the full potential of public and private sector organizations around the world.

BCG U’s Capability Accelerator Program

For leaders facing a large-scale transformation, BCG U’s Capability Accelerator program offers urgently needed, tech-enabled support through specific skill development, with a focus on increasing and deepening capabilities with speed and at scale. We deliver unique accelerators in many fields of expertise, including digital, agile at scale, climate and sustainability, AI, and customer journey. Each accelerator is tailored to an organization’s needs, incorporating cutting-edge methodology, curricula, learning science, and education technology.


Featured Impact:

Bringing Job Seekers Back to Work through Digital Reskilling at Scale

Singapore’s digital talent gap is a key challenge for companies, often hindering for the country’s ambition to be a tech hub. Together with SkillsFuture Singapore, BCG set about shrinking that gap by launching a unique train-and-place program called Rapid & Immersive Skill Enhancement (RISE). The program aims to upskill and reskill 1,500 mid-career Singaporean professionals to pivot into in-demand data and digital roles.

learn more about our work to help bring job seekers back to work through digital reskilling at scale

The Learning Advantage Advisory at BCG U

The ability to learn quickly has become one of the primary competitive advantages of our times. Today’s leaders must embrace an always-on transformation mindset, with the aim of becoming a learning organization primed to continuously update and pivot.

BCG U’s Learning Advantage experts help organizations compete on the rate of learning by developing a customized reskilling and upskilling strategy with measurable impact for every client. Whether by transforming an existing talent development function into a next-generation capability-building powerhouse or designing a corporate academy with the right technology to support it, creating competitive and sustainable learning advantage helps organizations attract, upskill, and retain critical talent.

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Next-Generation Sales in Biopharma

A leading biopharmaceutical provider with more than 30,000 customers across the US launched a transformation effort designed to rapidly increase the impact and effectiveness of its sales and marketing teams. Over the course of 15 months, BCG helped the client develop an “always-on” sales and marketing engine with a suite of digital tools incorporating targeting, lead qualification, and data-driven next-best sales actions.

learn more about our work to help boost next-generation sales in biopharma

Executive and Tech-Enabled Coaching

Success today requires more than a good strategy and a well-developed execution plan. It requires leaders to think and act in new ways: to learn, anticipate, and adapt. Today’s leaders need to be generative—able to reenergize and increase the value they deliver for their people, customers, partners, investors, communities, and themselves. BCG’s executive coaching offering helps leaders meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex world and drive transformational change—for their people, customers, investors, partners, and society.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

BCG’s executive coaching offering helps leaders meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex world and drive transformational change—for their people, customers, investors, partners, and society.


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