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A Focus on Food

The world relies on sustainable agriculture, resilient supply chains, and the availability of healthy food. BCG works with businesses, foundations, and governments to make the world’s food supply flourish—even in the face of climate-related threats.

Closing the Food Waste Gap

Closing the Food Waste Gap

In the face of the looming food crisis, the cost of inaction is enormous—but so is the opportunity to make a difference.

The Time Is Ripe for Food Tracing

The Time Is Ripe for Food Traceability

Food traceability is here to stay. The question is whether food companies, distributors, and retailers treat it as a regulatory burden or a strategic opportunity.

How Innovation and Technology Can Fight Global Hunger

BCG alum Bernhard Kowatsch, head of the United Nations World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator, shares real-life examples of how a business approach focused on accelerating tech can help make true impact on some of our biggest problems.

Climate and Sustainability

Companies are at a defining moment to act on sustainability, reimagining how to incorporate sustainability into business. Avoiding the most devastating impacts of a warming planet demands a step change.

Nudging Consumers Toward Sustainability - rectangle

Nudging Consumers Toward Sustainability

Companies that empower consumers and create a societal surplus can reward shareholders, build sustainability markets, and protect the planet. It’s a win-win-win.


A New Era for Fuel Retailers

Digital, EVs and alternative fuels, new mobility models, changing customer habits: to thrive amid these new challenges, fuel retailers must create new value pools.

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BCG Executive Perspectives

BCG Executive Perspectives offer insights on global topics that matter most to leaders in the public and private sectors. Explore these topics and read the latest thinking from BCG's experts.


The So What: A Business Strategy Podcast

From COVID-19 to social inequity, this business strategy podcast series looks around business and social trends and ideas that will disrupt the future.

BCG's Annual Sustainability Report 2021

BCG's Annual Sustainability Report



Artificial Intelligence

Scaling artificial intelligence can create a massive competitive advantage. Learn how our AI-driven initiatives have helped clients extract value.

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Why Technology Alone Is Not Enough

Human expertise has proved critical to realizing the full potential of a digital transformation at scale.

Topics: Digital Transformation, DigitalBCG
Lets-Get-Digital-in-Asset-Management-Hero-Rectangle (1).jpg

Let’s Get Digital in Asset Management

By combining human know-how with technology, data, and advanced analytics, energy networks can predict potential failures, optimize asset performance, and reduce the time to deploy.

Topics: Digital Transformation, DigitalBCG
Cutting-More-Data-and-Fewer-Trees-Hero-Rectangle (1).jpg

Cutting More Data and Fewer Trees

It’s time to take vegetation management to the next level. Adopting a bionic approach can reduce costs and risks while boosting employee performance.

Topics: Digital Transformation, DigitalBCG
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Featured Insights and Perspectives from BCG