Impact Centers

Our resolution rooms provide a physical or virtual space, and methods for leaders to drive change and assure delivery.

BCG’s impact centers are physical or virtual Obeya rooms supported by deliberate routines to engage and involve change leaders across organizations. These impact centers are our solution to driving change transparently and assuring rapid delivery. Impact centers are also used in agile organizations at various levels for driving alignment and clearing impediments, often replacing traditional management team meetings.

Impact centers enable organizations to overcome common challenges associated with progress tracking and issue resolution:

  • Disengaged communities: Change leaders and teams who are disengaged as a result of “templated” or “repetitive” PMO-driven transformation management
  • Inefficient tracking: Tracking mechanisms that are time-consuming and bureaucratic, and provide no tangible value (traffic light reports that do not lead to evident improvements, for example)
  • Slow issue resolution: Slow timelines to issue resolutions since decisions are passed on from layer to layer, without engaging those closest to the problem
  • Solutions in silos: Sub-optimal solutions to issues because key experts and stakeholders are not involved in the decision-making process

An impact center provides change leaders with full transparency into program status, impediments, and required decisions. It is much more than a physical space, but a catalyst for disciplined routines and rhythms that drive action, encourage teams to work together, and deliver impact. 

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