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Our Regional Climate Expertise and Services

Climate change and sustainability is a global crisis. But to take meaningful actions—ones that address climate change through strategic, targeted measures—organizations need to account for the challenges and characteristics specific to their local markets, including resource constraints, regulatory frameworks, and consumer preferences.

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At BCG, we help our clients by pairing our global climate consulting services with our regional climate expertise to arrive at custom solutions.

Climate Action in Africa

BCG’s Centre for Climate and Just Transition in Africa works with organizations in the public, private, and social sectors to advance climate action across the continent. Our experts help to inform national climate policy, mobilize forces to build globally competitive green industries, and develop the capabilities critical for addressing the most urgent climate issues.

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Centre for Climate and Just Transition in Africa

Africa accounts for just 3% of cumulative global CO2 emissions—but many African countries are highly vulnerable to climate change. Learn what leaders at BCG’s Centre for Climate and Just Transition in Africa are doing to build resilience to climate change and what it will take for Africa to transition to net zero.


Addressing Climate Change in Asia

Circularity and Decarbonization in the Aluminum Industry

Discover the challenges in scaling circularity, from innovative sorting technologies to policy changes, and explore the potential of AI and other innovations to revolutionize the industry.

Supporting Climate Action in Asia

BCG's Climate & Sustainability Hub for Innovation in Asia helps organizations develop and accelerate strategies for addressing climate change in Asia and furthers our commitment to supporting the climate agenda and creating a more sustainable future. The hub will bring the best of BCG's global thinking on climate and sustainability and strengthen this with offerings, capabilities, and collaborations most relevant to the region.

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Climate Action in Australia and New Zealand

Change is sweeping every industry as companies in Australia and New Zealand reimagine how to incorporate sustainability into business. But this is not a challenge that can be solved by one organization alone.

Our experts on climate and sustainability in Australia and New Zealand are committed to bringing the best minds, experience, and actors—government, the private sector, and civil society—together to improve climate and sustainability in our region. We seek to support organizations as they both transition to a decarbonized world and deliver nature-positive outcomes.

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Addressing Climate Change in Canada

Climate change poses challenges for all Canadian businesses. BCG Canada helps organizations meet these challenges by equipping them with the strategies and insights they need to accelerate the green transition. BCG’s Centre for Canada’s Future is deeply committed to tackling climate change through fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors. Our climate and sustainability experts drive leading climate research and use their expertise to shape the national conversation about sustainable business and a greener future.

At BCG, we are committed to fighting climate change and driving sustainable business transformations. This core tenet inspired the interview series Beyond Pledges, where the CEOs of prominent Canadian companies join us to discuss the actions—and not merely the promises—their companies are taking on the path to net zero.


Beyond Pledges: A Conversation with Mario Plourde of Cascades

The president and CEO of the packaging and tissue products company discusses how Cascades works with customers to reduce its carbon footprint.

Beyond Pledges: A Conversation with Boralex CEO Patrick Decostre

The president and CEO of the renewable energy producer discusses the challenges of converting to green electricity—and the urgent need to accelerate the energy transition.

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Canada Has an EV Edge, If It Acts Now

Trends in battery supply chains coupled with the US’s Inflation Reduction Act present a tremendous opportunity for Canada and Canadian companies, if we act now.

Driving Climate Action in India

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India faces a significant challenge: balancing rapid development with sustainable and green growth. BCG's Center for Sustainable Earth is committed to supporting the development of climate change solutions in India and to building an innovative ecosystem for a more sustainable future.

BCG’s Center for Sustainable Earth is designed as a platform for climate and sustainability action in India across multiple stakeholders, guided by the experienced Advisory Council of Global Climate pioneers, to drive innovation and lead change toward India’s commitment to net zero.

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Climate Change in the Middle East

BCG’s Climate and Sustainability Hub in the Middle East is working with governments and companies to tackle climate change and meet broader sustainability challenges in the region. With abundant renewable resources, deep technological know-how, and a drive to innovate, the Middle East has the opportunity to take bold and targeted actions to address the global climate crisis and drive climate action.

COP28 UAE will have a long-lasting impact on climate and sustainability efforts in the Middle East and beyond. As the conference approaches, BCG is speaking with leaders across industries in the Middle East, zeroing in on the opportunities, challenges, and visions for a world where net zero is the launch pad for a more sustainable future.


The Oil and Gas Transition in the Middle East

The sector, pivotal in the journey toward net zero in the region, is a key piece of the decarbonization puzzle.

Steering the Transportation Sector Toward a More Sustainable Future

The transportation sector is crucial to achieving net zero goals in the Middle East and around the world. Explore an innovative framework that shows how.

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Middle East Climate & Sustainability Purpose

At BCG in the Middle East, Climate & Sustainability is a key priority, and the region is a driver for change. We have and will continue to work hard with our clients and partners in our regional hub to deliver against net-zero and circularity goals, to ensure the prosperity of future generations.


COP28: The Path to Net Zero

The GCC’s green transition journey unveils costs and opportunities for nations and businesses to ensure a sustainable, net zero future.

The Sustainable Advantage: Insights on Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability