BCG at CES 2020

Please join us in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6-9, 2020 to meet with our digital and industry experts in automotive and mobility; health care; insurance; principal investors and private equity; and technology, media, and telecommunications.

Across all industries companies are in search of the next digital silver bullet. However, there is not one technology, platform, or capability that will deliver lasting competitive advantage.

We need a blueprint for the company of the future to guide our ambition. Join us for a series of events at CES®, where we will bring to life the eight critical dimensions that will set the foundation for tomorrow’s businesses.

BCG Programming at CES

CES Research Summit

Digital Health Summit

Meet with Our Experts

We would be delighted to meet with you. Below is an example of the topics we will be exploring. If you would like to arrange a private meeting or small group discussion, please register below and we will be in touch to coordinate.

Automotive & Mobility

Market forces related to vehicle electrification and connectivity, autonomous mobility, downturn readiness, climate change, and sustainability are causing major waves in the automotive industry. BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation works with clients to navigate this space of rapid change and new challenges such as congestion and pollution. We help stakeholders along each step of the value chain to identify areas for action and launch new mobility concepts. Meet with our experts at CES to explore what's next in vehicle electrification and global powertrain outlook; downturn readiness; scaling shared autonomous mobility; climate change and sustainability; preparing cities for new mobility; and more.

Health Care

Creating seamless customer experiences in the health care industry is subject to more hurdles than your average consumer business. As consumers come to expect more from all of their service providers, digital advancement is necessary for the industry—and its constituents—to thrive. Our onsite experts will be sharing the latest in analytics, technology, and digital ways of working to prepare the industry for the future.


Chasing Value as AI Transforms Health Care

The revolution has come to health care. Artificial intelligence has major repercussions for players across the industry—as well as for new-technology entrants and consumers.


Like most industries, the insurance industry is primed for evolution and shifting to a customer-centric mindset is essential to gain competitive advantage and confront the changing tides. Our onsite teams are focused on bringing the latest cross-industry research, insights, and capabilities to the forefront of our insurance clients' businesses.

CES® is a registered trademark of the Consumer Technology Association.

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