Talent Development, Upskilling, and Reskilling

The pandemic catapulted the world five to ten years into the digital future, requiring businesses and workforce development to accelerate as well. Today, it’s not enough to keep pace—employees must upskill and reskill to stay ahead of tomorrow’s demands.


High-performers bring competitive advantage to a company. We assess the talent and skills companies have, where they are lacking, and whether to build, borrow, or buy what’s needed to fill in gaps.

  • Leveraging the power of analytics, BCG's Tech People Strategy reveals what an organization’s future workforce should look like by analyzing the unique skill set for each employee in order to put the right person in the right job, unit, and location.
  • Our talent development consultants work in partnership with data analysts to enable a shift from capacity-driven planning to a skills-based perspective.
  • BCG’s Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) tool forecasts workforce needs, identifies talent and skills gaps, and develops strategies to address these gaps.


The skills that people learn at the beginning of their careers aren’t necessarily the ones they will need in the future. Our upskilling and reskilling consultants work with companies to build a future-proof workforce.

  • Launched during the coronavirus pandemic, BCG’s Upskilling Bootcamp rapidly develops and implements an upskilling plan that helps companies build a stronger and more resilient workforce in just four weeks.
  • BCG’s Digital Skill Builder deploys upskilling and training to create a lasting talent advantage. Driven by behavioral science insights, the offering is tailored to build crucial skills within specific cohorts, including executives (LeadDigital), managers (DriveDigital), teams (DeliverDigital), and users (EmployDigital).
  • Digital Skill Builder is supported by UP!, BCG’s Upskilling Platform, which allows employees to access customized learning journeys and enables leaders to digitally monitor teams’ upskilling progress.
  • In partnership with Burning Glass Technologies, BCG has analyzed 95 million jobs and skills. We use that knowledge, in combination with interviews and in-depth employee surveys, to help clients understand what skills will be critical, where those skills currently reside within the organization, where demand for certain capabilities is growing, how much of that demand the organization can meet organically, and the costs and benefits of upskilling employees.
  • Our employee journey methodology reimagines the entire employee experience, from hiring to departure. Using this methodology, companies can anticipate employees’ needs before they arise and proactively deliver the right support to ensure a digitally enabled, high-performance workforce.

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