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Key by BCG is a digital performance platform that offers unparalleled transparency, enabling organizations to increase efficiency, predict success, and deliver value.

Approximately 50% to 70% of change management and transformation efforts fall short of achieving their goals. The root causes are both tactical and strategic:

  • No formal program-management structure and governance
  • Weak financial discipline and processes
  • Insufficient data and transparency
  • An emphasis on the wrong set of initiatives
  • Distracted leadership and siloed teams

Key by BCG Makes the Difference

To address these challenges, we have developed Key by BCG, a digital performance platform that unlocks the value of transformations.

Key by BCG supports the transformation journey, providing organizations with the functionality, data, and insights they need to manage it efficiently:

  • Set aspirational targets that are aligned with strategic business goals and profit expectations
  • Develop ideas and initiatives to achieve the assigned targets
  • Prioritize a portfolio of initiatives by weighing the business case for each and the potential return on investment
  • Accelerate the impact of initiatives using clear action steps
  • Monitor progress and identify risks using forward-looking risk indicators and exception-based reporting
  • Follow up on critical decisions and take swift, course-corrective actions as needed

Why Adopt Key by BCG

Using Key by BCG delivers enormous benefits for organizations that are tackling a transformation, whether it is a post-merger integration, a cost-optimization program, or an organizational restructuring. Key by BCG provides a one-stop solution for managing initiatives from concept through completion.

The Key by BCG interface is intuitive, and it can be configured to provide senior leaders with the right information to drive the business and make swift course corrections, if necessary. The platform allows administrators to assign access rights to users on the basis of their role, ensuring confidentiality. And it leverages exception-based reports so that users can quickly identify risks, resolve roadblocks, and focus on making critical decisions.

Our digital-performance platform addresses the most common pitfalls facing a CEO and the project management office during a transformation:

Meet Our Key by BCG Team

Key by BCG Enables Your Team

At BCG, our goal is to enable your organization to sustain competitive performance over the long run. We help your team build the capabilities it needs to use Key by BCG independently.

We work side by side with your organization throughout the setup and implementation process. We train your team on the digital performance platform, establish a project management office, and configure the platform to meet your unique needs. As Key by BCG is adopted throughout the organization, our team will facilitate the transition so that you can own and drive your transformation.

Clients Succeed with Key by BCG

Our digital-performance platform has played a pivotal role in successful transformation projects across industries and regions:

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Change is hard, but readiness is all. Companies prepared to manage the leader, people, and program journeys can double their chances of success.

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