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Decarbonising the Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use Sector in South Africa

The decarbonisation of South Africa’s Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use (AFOLU) sector analysis aims to provide an understanding of how driving a Just Transition towards a decarbonised, climate-resilient South African AFOLU sector will be vital to ensuring the availability of healthy and sustainable food supply, maintaining and increasing export earnings, and enabling decarbonisation in other sectors, which require for example, biomass as a sustainable carbon feedstock.

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Decarbonising the South African Mining Sector

South Africa’s mining sector is a key socio-economic contributor. To remain competitive globally, it will need to decarbonise, respond to shifting value pools, and adapt to local climate change impacts – while ensuring a Just Transition.

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Decarbonising South Africa's Petrochemicals and Chemicals Sector

The Decarbonising South Africa’s Petrochemicals and Chemicals Sector report confirms the petrochemicals and chemicals sector as a key contributor to South Africa’s energy security, and as a significant role-player in a decarbonised economy in the long-term.

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Decarbonising South Africa’s Power System

Decarbonising South Africa’s Power System

A Power Sector Decarbonisation Report by the National Business Initiative (NBI), Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that it is possible for South Africa to decarbonise its economy, by around 2050, and looks at ways to ensure a just transition that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and which leaves no one behind.

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