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Companies must reenvision leadership development, talent development, and reskilling and upskilling strategies. Explore BCG’s latest thinking on people strategy to learn what the future of work means for your business.

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Reinventing Work

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The How-To of Hybrid Work

A systematic approach to postpandemic ways of working can capture the upsides of these models while mitigating the risks.

BCG and Bloomberg on Shifting Work

BCG’s Allison Bailey, Debbie Lovich, and Karalee Close shared their thoughts on the future of work at a recent Bloomberg Live event. They explained why leaders should take advantage of the current clean-sheet opportunity to broadly, intentionally, and boldly rethink what work is and how we do it.

How Should We Rethink Work?

How Have Employee Expectations About Work Changed?

What’s the Value at Stake for Businesses in Shifting Work?

What Is Our Advice for Clients About Shifting Work?

Leadership Development and Organizational Culture

The Value of Human Sponsorship

Ulrike Schwarz-Runer, a managing director and senior partner and BCG's general counsel, shares her reflections on the value of having a mentor, though she believes this term to be inadequate.

Episode 8: Your Brain Is Being Strip-Mined

Cell phones, social media, messaging software, and multitasking are robbing our attention, as our monkey minds jump from one notification to another. Mickey McManus, a BCG senior advisor and leadership coach, explains how these distractions strip our cognitive capacity and even our ability to make ethical decisions. Is this the price of “progress,” or is there something to be done? McManus offers tips for everyone from the board and C-suite to the front line to enable companies and employees to regain control of our cognition.

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Leadership Strategy in Forbes

By Debbie Lovich

Read Debbie’s recent columns below or visit the full collection on Forbes

The Leadership Series

More Than Ever, Diversity and Inclusion Matter at Eli Lilly and Company

RBC’s Dave McKay on a Future-Focused Culture

BD’s Vincent Forlenza on Transforming in a Rapidly Changing Industry

An Interview with Inga Beale: Leading the Insurance Market to a Digital Future

Talent Development, Reskilling, and Upskilling


Innovation Without Borders Series

Talent is universal, opportunity is not. BCG’s Innovation Without Borders Series explores how global migration can create opportunities for individuals, companies, and societies.

Upskilling and Reskilling for the Digital Age

The rapidly changing workplace presents an imperative—and an opportunity—for employees to reenergize their learning and capabilities.

Learning Programs

Higher Ed Must Go All In on Digital

By investing in the cloud, data, and analytics, institutions can improve student success, operational efficiency, and innovation in research and learning.

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