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Winning the Fight Against Endemic COVID-19

COVID-19 will likely become endemic. If so, a global surveillance, treatment and vaccination infrastructure for monitoring and responding to outbreaks must be developed now.

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The Race for Digital Advantage in Africa

Companies in Africa score well below those in other major regions on BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index.

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Working Together to Reenergize the South African Mining Industry

South Africa’s mining industry has been in decline for the best part of 2 decades. Remaining deposits grow ever deeper, and more expensive, to extract. The industry faces a challenging and at times uncertain policy environment. So BCG worked with the South African authorities and South African mining industry to develop new approaches for growth in the industry. We propose a range of interventions to increase competitiveness, attract investment, encourage exploration and kick-start job growth in the sector.

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How Online Marketplaces Can Power Employment in Africa

Collaboration between governments and online marketplaces will help these digital platforms create jobs and spur growth across the continent.

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