Meet Our Aerospace and Defense Consulting Leadership Team

BCG’s global aerospace and defense leadership team is made up of more than 50 partners and 10 senior advisors. The team is designed to help our aerospace and defense clients overcome some of today’s most pressing challenges. These are our global and regional leaders on this topic.

Global Leadership

  • Leads BCG's global work in aerospace and defense
  • Growth and business unit strategy
  • Technology commercialization
  • Aftermarket and service
  • Leads BCG’s Aerospace and Defense practice in North America
  • OEMs
  • Change management
  • Large-scale change and transformation
  • Channel
  • Go to Market
  • SFE
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Program management
  • Supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Co-leads BCG’s Industrial Goods practice in Japan
  • Leads BCG’s pricing work in Japan
  • Large corporate transformation
  • Digital strategy

Featured Experts

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Automotive
  • Industrial goods
  • Operational excellence
  • Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Supply Chain and Operations Improvement
  • Procurement and supply chain
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Big data
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Industrial goods
  • Growth strategy
  • Engineered products
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Performance improvement
  • Large-scale transformation
  • Postmerger integration
  • International defense spending
  • Defense procurement policies/processes (US/Europe/Asia/Middle East)
  • Defense and aerospace industrial base and supply chain analysis (US/Europe/Asia)
  • Defense industrial base growth and evolution in developing countries
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive suppliers and OEMs
  • Presidential transition
  • Defense and security
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Corporate strategy and planning
Aerospace & Defense