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Our Latest Thinking in Public Sector

The impact of today’s rapidly changing economic and technological landscape—combined with the long-term implications of an aging population, climate change, and globalization—implicates everything from how education and health care systems need to evolve to how governments are funded. Not only will governments have to play a big role in helping citizens and institutions adapt, but they will also need to look at how governments of the future need to be structured to deliver to citizens. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership to learn how governments of the future can deliver more with less.

New Public-Sector Leader

The New Public-Sector Leader

Governments and public agencies must make leader development a key pillar of their strategies for the future. Here’s how.

Measure Well-Being To Improve It | The 2019 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA)

Measure Well-Being to Improve It

Governments need a dashboard—one that tracks not just economic growth but also citizens’ well-being and happiness levels—in order to understand how their performance stacks up.

SEDA 2019 | Sustainable Economic Development Assessment | Interactive

SEDA: An Interactive Guide

Explore the SEDA interactive to find out how countries compare when it comes to the well-being of their citizens—and which nations are making the most progress.

Health Care Systems

Now Is the Time for Governments to Deliver Citizen-Centric Reform

BCG’s President and CEO explores the new reality of aligning government services with the distinct needs of individual citizens and communities.

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Rich Lesser
Chief Executive Officer
New York

The Power of an Activist PMO in Driving Agency Transformations

To meet new imperatives, agencies and departments need PMOs that actively lead transformative change. Here's how high-performing, activist PMOs get it right.

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Sharon Marcil
Managing Director & Senior Partner; Global Client Team Chair
Washington, DC

Growing Australia's share of the digital economy pie: Five things government can do to help

Australia is at a critical juncture in the development of its digital economic strategy, but we will need to invest significantly to get ahead, explains BCG partner Miguel Carrasco.

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Miguel Carrasco
Managing Director & Senior Partner

Three Steps Toward Ensuring Critical Shared Services Capacity at US Federal Agencies

BCG's Steven Williams explains how federal agencies that aspire to become high-performing shared services providers must invest to handle higher volumes of work and tasks of greater complexity.

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Steven Williams
Knowledge Business Director - Public Sector
Washington, D.C.

How governments should rise to the challenge of disruption

The global leader of BCG's Public Sector practice explains why government must be willing to embrace fresh—even radical—thinking to succeed in today's digital world.

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Vincent Chin
Managing Director & Senior Partner

Public Sector in India

Unlocking Cities: The impact of ridesharing across India

Unlocking Cities: The impact of ridesharing across India

Ridesharing has the potential to be a vital part of the solution to India’s transportation needs and can reduce up to 33%-68% of private cars and congestion by 17%-31% across biggest cities. Uber has commissioned the Boston Consulting Group to assess the potential benefits that greater adoption of ridesharing may bring. Realizing these benefits would depend on collaboration between the rideshare ecosystem and the public sector.

The $250 Billion Digital Volcano: Dormant No More

Digital adoption in India has been growing rapidly. The country’s internet economy is expected to double to become USD 250 billion by 2020. India’s digital economy will have a much broader influence beyond the direct economic impact.

India: Growth and Jobs in the New Globalization

India is facing a challenge in achieving the objective of 'growth with jobs' in the changing global environment. This study identify the drivers of growth and job creation and the critical leverage points where focused policy action is necessary to overcome this challenge.

Government Procurement Gets the MIDAS Touch

When used in conjunction with conventional methods, market-informed design and sourcing (MIDAS) can help governments deliver more successful procurement outcomes and greater financial and nonfinancial value.

Why Startups Don’t Bid on Government Contracts

Startups are revolutionizing nearly every segment of the US economy. To partner with more of these companies, the government must communicate with them more effectively and modify its approach to contracting.

Centre for Public Impact

How are governments transforming lives and achieving positive impact? Explore our interviews, articles, briefing bulletins, and podcasts from around the world.

Digital in the Public Sector

Digital in the Public Sector

How Governments Can Restructure to Better Serve Citizens

The Future of Work Is the Future of Education

Government Service Is Customer Service

How Governments Can Overcome the Challenge of Providing More For Less

Helping Cities Fund Their Future

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