A Health Care Leadership Agenda for the Postpandemic World

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A Health Care Leadership Agenda for the Postpandemic World

As the global health care industry entered 2020, it was already facing transformational changes driven by mergers, new alliances, shifting consumer behaviors, and the rise of new competitors. The COVID-19 crisis is disrupting the industry in new ways. It has exposed serious gaps in health care systems and their supply chains, forced providers to radically redesign outpatient care, caused demand for medical procedures to plummet, and led to steep declines in the private health insurance market. These BCG articles explain how payers, providers, health care systems, and service (PPSS) organizations can navigate uncertainty and thrive in the postpandemic world by reimagining their organizations. Explore the insights below or download the PDF.

When Leadership Matters Most

Most leaders haven’t dealt with a crisis of this magnitude. Here are the traps to avoid and the principles to heed.


Start Reimagining Government Now

COVID-19 has massive implications for governments, including increased demand for public services and the need to improve resilience. To adapt, leaders must rethink governments’ roles and processes.


How Do You “Design” a Business Ecosystem?

You can’t entirely plan or design an ecosystem, but answering some critical questions will increase the odds of building an ecosystem that has the potential to create new industries or transform existing ones.


Advantage Beyond the Crisis

In order to emerge stronger, companies must ensure that their response to COVID-19 is not just immediate but also transformational.

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A Health Care Leadership Agenda for the Postpandemic World