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Chief financial officers have to juggle two primary tasks: driving transformation within the finance group and orchestrating the function’s everyday activities. BCG’s Center for CFO Excellence draws on the firm’s extensive experience in working with finance functions across diverse industries to help clients master both challenges.

BCG has developed a comprehensive approach to help CFOs and their teams achieve the highest standard of performance and efficiency—something we call finance excellence. Our CFO consulting approach, which has been the basis for in-depth collaborations with finance leaders around the world, focuses on six core topics.

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Some Examples of Our Impact

  • BCG engaged with a global investment bank to accelerate its finance transformation and address key operating model questions. Our work with the CFO and the team to redefine the operating model for higher efficiency and greater effectiveness resulted in cost savings of 15% to 20% in several areas.
  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we helped an international airport operator analyze and refine its capital allocation decision process. This swift pivot on a key CFO strategy led to a capex cost savings of €1 billion.

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Your First 90 Days as CFO

Your First 90 Days as CFO

A successful tenure begins with getting to know the finance function and establishing a vision to guide value creation.


Lessons from Best-in-Class CFOs

Only a few CFOs lead finance functions that truly outperform in both efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s what sets them apart.


The Power of Algorithmic Forecasting

Armed with foresight into how conditions will change, a company can take actions to preempt unfavorable outcomes and promote competitive advantage.


Bionic Finance Offers a Strategic Edge

By combining technology and human capabilities, a finance function can orchestrate the work of other departments and help the company achieve its strategic objectives.

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