The B2B Pricing Suite

Catalyst gives your company a quick and flexible way to make smart, data-driven pricing decisions to improve margins and market performance in business-to-business industries.

What It Can Do for You

The B2B pricing suite is a powerful set of applications designed to bring your company’s decision makers fact-based pricing guidance that is relevant to the market.

The B2B pricing toolkit provides powerful diagnostics that enable decision makers to identify areas of pricing opportunity, set pricing and discount guidelines relative to customers’ willingness to pay, and formulate pricing strategy on a customer-by-customer basis. The platform's flexible B2B pricing dashboards and reporting allow your business to evaluate the performance of your pricing initiatives against key performance indicators.

The B2B Suite of Applications


The Price Performance Diagnostics

The Price Performance Diagnostics analyze client data to enable a detailed understanding of price realization and pricing opportunities.


Pricing and Discount Guidelines

Pricing and Discount Guidelines act as market-relevant guardrails, indicating where to price by customer segment, based on historical performance and market benchmarks.


The Strategic Chessboard

The Strategic Chessboard offers a landscape of KPIs in pricing and market share to identify strategic pricing moves.


The Quotation Engine

The Quotation Engine supports sales teams by incorporating price guidance in the quote-to-order process.


The Value-Based List Price

The Value-Based List Price quantifies the value differentiation of your products against that of competitive offers, and it helps defend your price premium and avoid commoditization.


  • Integrated yet Modular. The applications can work together or independently.
  • Analytics-Driven. This suite performs advanced analytics on your company's data.
  • Flexible. The tools easily adapt to different markets.
  • Easy to Use. The simple, adjustable interfaces of the applications integrate into the daily routine of your marketing, sales, and finance functions.
  • Builds on BCG's B2B Pricing Methodology. The easily tailored tools fit into your larger pricing program.
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