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Leadership, Resilience, and the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the world mobilizes to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus, uncertainty abounds. One thing is clear, however: the COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need for business and society to be resilient and prepared—qualities that will be in demand long after public health has been restored.

Managing the Coronavirus Crisis

People Priorities in Response to COVID-19

People Priorities in Response to COVID-19

Effective people-centric solutions—in areas such as workforce flexibility, corporate purpose, and digital readiness—can play a big role in helping companies find their way through the crisis.

Fighting COVID-19 in Africa Will Be Different

Fighting COVID-19 in Africa Will Be Different

The impact of COVID-19 in Africa may be mitigated by the youthful population—but a constrained health system and high incidence of other health conditions will intensify the challenge.

When Leadership Matters Most

Most leaders haven’t dealt with a crisis of this magnitude. Here are the traps to avoid and the principles to heed.

COVID-19 Rapid Response Checklist

Use BCG’s checklist to ensure health and safety, business strength, financial resilience, and execution clarity during a crisis.

COVID-19’s Impact on Global M&A

COVID-19’s Impact on Global M&A

M&A can play a major role in helping companies survive the crisis. Preparation, steady nerves, and a willingness to be bold are the keys to success.

Food Security and COVID-19

Food Security and COVID-19

We must act decisively to secure the two most urgent pieces of the food chain—the first and the last mile.

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