Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure

The critical challenge for engineering, construction, and infrastructure companies is to increase productivity.

Projects are getting larger, riskier, and more complex, yet little progress on innovation and productivity has been made over the past 50 years. In addition, government's and other sponsor's budgets for capital projects are under pressure globally, which limits the resources available for large construction projects. In such a market environment, delivering projects on time, on budget, more efficiently, and more reliably are today’s top priorities.

Leading firms are relying on new ways of delivering projects, employing advanced building materials and construction methods, implementing better lean operations on-site, and adopting smart technologies. They will also play a leading role in driving consolidation via mergers and acquisitions to overcome the historic industry fragmentation.

The Future of Construction

The Boston Consulting Group and The World Economic Forum have collaborated to create a central platform for exchanging the best practices and ideas that guide the infrastructure and urban development industry through its digital transformation. The site includes blogs, videos, and illustrations of the initiative.

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