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As many as 50% of organizational change projects don’t achieve their objectives, and with large-scale transformation programs, the failure rate jumps to 75%. BCG’s change management consulting services help clients beat these odds.

Organizations that excel at change management—particularly when launching business-wide transformation—can achieve vital goals such as fueling growth, boosting shareholder returns, and driving innovation. But equally important, by strengthening their change management muscles, they can keep reinventing themselves as new opportunities or challenges arise. And that adaptability gives them a sharp competitive edge.

Yet common stumbling blocks—especially a lack of clear milestones and objectives and insufficient commitment from senior management—prevent many companies from mastering the art of organizational change. To avoid these stumbling blocks, BCG helps companies design their change management strategy.

How BCG Helps Clients Excel at Change Management

Our global network of change management consultants has helped clients across diverse industries and regions achieve significant performance improvements from their transformation programs:

Our Four Imperatives in Change Management

We help clients achieve such results by enabling them to meet four imperatives in change management and by taking a science-based, holistic approach to change management consulting; deploying a proprietary suite of change management tools; and providing comprehensive support through a unique coalition focused on strategic change initiatives.

The success of any organizational change program relies on a company’s ability to meet the four imperatives. We help clients do so along the three journeys—leader, program, and people—that unfold during the life cycle of a transformation:

Our Science-Based, Holistic Approach to Change Management Consulting

Our approach to change management is deeply rooted in behavioral science—including insights from psychology, cognitive science, and social science on how people make choices and build positive habits. Through our Smart Simplicity methodology, we show clients how to shape contextual factors in their organization (such as incentive programs) to encourage the behaviors needed to deliver measurable improvements in performance.

Our Smart Simplicity methodology is among the many reasons that ALM Intelligence named BCG as the top communications and change management consulting provider worldwide.

ALM Intelligence also singled us out for our holistic approach to change management, concluding that our change management “portfolio of complementary frameworks, solutions, and services remains grounded in the scientific rigor and discipline that is BCG’s signature . . . [and enables] leaders, teams, and individuals to act with agency and purpose in the workplace.”

BCG’s Proprietary Suite of Change Management Tools

Our change management methodology is powered by a battle-tested suite of proprietary tools aimed at supporting clients across the three organizational change management journeys:

  • Transformation Check uses interviews with clients’ senior leaders to assess change journey elements along the entire transformation life cycle and to help clients understand how transformations are driven across different industries and regions.
  • Amethyst is a mobile app that serves as a personal coach for nudging the new behaviors essential for sustaining successful change.
  • The Complicatedness Survey identifies pain points in an organization caused by complicatedness manifested along eight dimensions.
  • Absorb measures the impact of a change on an organization, enabling clients to help employees adopt new ways of behaving and working.
  • Ready, Willing, Able is a baseline diagnostic tool used at the beginning of a change program to evaluate an organization’s receptivity to—and capacity for—change.
  • DICE assesses the potential outcome of each change initiative.
  • Rigor Test is a set of questions that clients explore before implementing a change program—to ensure that each initiative roadmap shows critical risks and interdependencies, has assigned leading KPIs for financial and operational impacts of the change, and has linked these KPIs to underlying milestones and objectives.
  • Key by BCG is a performance management approach that tackles the challenge of defining performance goals and empowering teams to achieve them.
  • Impact Centers are physical or digital rooms that provide a space for organizations to drive change transparently and ensure rapid delivery.
  • BCG’s Office of the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) makes sure that change leaders have the right skills and knowledge. With a CTO in place, the rate of transformation success improves by 80%.

Meet Our Change Management Consultants

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The Brightline Initiative

The Brightline Initiative is dedicated to helping organizations close the gap between strategy design and delivery. The initiative, which grew out of a partnership between BCG and the Project Management Institute, focuses on improving the chances of success of large-scale strategic projects, leading to stronger value creation and greater competitive advantage.

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