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BCG Executive Perspectives

Our BCG Executive Perspectives program offers the latest insights on global topics that matter most to today's leaders. Download the new edition from our team of experts below, introducing a series guiding CEOs through their AI transformation journeys.


AI Transformation for Future-Ready Functions: The C-Suite Playbooks

With both predictive and generative AI at an inflection point, and even more exciting opportunities on the horizon, CEOs and senior executives are setting ambitious targets for their top and bottom lines. Over 50% of executives with the highest AI maturity—companies that were first to scale GenAI—expect to see a return of more than double their investment in the next year. 47% of these AI-mature leaders view AI as a revenue driver and a cost cutting measure.

But most business leaders wrestle with achieving their expected transformation goals, asking:

  • Where should my organization start?
  • What are the highest value opportunities for AI and GenAI to transform my business and functions?
  • How can I achieve short-term performance with AI and GenAI while building the necessary capabilities in my organization?
  • How can I build enthusiasm for AI across all levels of my organization and drive adoption?

Our latest BCG Executive Perspectives series will serve as a comprehensive guide to creating value with AI, drawing on our experience with over 1,000 AI programs in the past year. Before we unveil the in-depth playbooks exploring AI’s impact on the future of functions, our first edition cuts through the hype to help CEOs understand current AI adoption trends, the technology's capabilities, and how to use it for a complete enterprise transformation.

The CEO’s Guide to Maximizing Value Potential from AI in 2024


To successfully deploy AI at scale, CEOs need to embrace our 10-20-70 rule: focus 10% of AI efforts on algorithms, 20% on tech and data, and 70% on people and processes. Alongside this rule, we've developed three complementary strategic plays—deploy, reshape, and invent—to maximize value potential in 2024. The time to act on AI is now.

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BCG Executive Perspectives launched in April 2020 as COVID-19 BCG Perspectives to help leaders everywhere understand how the world was changing during the pandemic.

In time, the series evolved to cover a broader range of topics. Each edition is developed with input from our CEO Christoph Schweizer, Global Chair Rich Lesser, and our global topic experts to provide an integrated view of critical societal trends and business implications.