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Alternative Proteins

The widespread adoption of alternative proteins could play a critical role in tackling climate change. BCG’s alternative proteins consulting team helps clients seize opportunities in the fast-growing alternative proteins industry—and create a more sustainable future.

The alternative protein market—which includes plant-based meat, eggs, dairy, and seafood products—is set to reach $290 billion by 2035. This will represent 11% of global protein consumption, and the impact on climate change would be equivalent to decarbonizing 95% of the aviation industry.


Our Approach to the Alternative Proteins Landscape

Our alternative proteins consulting team works across the entire agri-food value chain—partnering with consumer-packaged goods companies, retailers, quick-service restaurants, venture capital and private equity firms, ingredient manufacturers, farmer cooperatives, and startups—to seize the untapped opportunity in alternative proteins.

Our Clients’ Success in Alternative Proteins

  • A North American food retailer wanted to enter the alternative protein market. Using our customer demand strategy, BCG enabled the client to size the market opportunity, understand what it takes to win with consumers, and develop a portfolio of plant-based meat products that is best positioned to succeed.
  • A global investment firm was looking to invest in an ingredient manufacturer, producing precision fermented proteins to both alternative meat and alternative dairy brands. BCG did a commercial due diligence to assess the market attractiveness and evaluated management top-line forecasts and the differentiation of the target company’s fermentation capability.
  • In preparation for its IPO, a producer of plant-based meat substitutes needed a comprehensive market assessment for six of its products. BCG created a detailed market assessment, identified missed opportunities across the alternative protein product portfolio (including opportunities to reduce product costs and improve sustainable sourcing), and established the company’s optimal go-to-market strategy.

Our Insights and Advice on Alternative Proteins

Taking Alternative Proteins Mainstream | rectangle

Taking Alternative Proteins Mainstream

Alternative dairy products have appealed to mainstream consumers more successfully than alternative meats have. Here’s how companies of both kinds can step up their marketing.

Meet Our Alternative Proteins Consulting and Advisory Team

BCG’s alternative proteins consulting team has deep expertise in alternative protein technology, alternative protein investments, fermentation-based alternative protein, the agri-food value chain, and more. Here are some of our experts on the topic.

Widespread adoption of alternative proteins can play a critical role in tackling climate change,” says Malte Clausen in the Guardian. “We call it the untapped climate opportunity—you’re getting more impact from your investment in alternative proteins than in any other sector of the economy.”

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