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What’s New and Next for M&A in Africa

What’s New and Next for M&A in Africa

While M&A in Africa remains challenging, five positive trends can serve as a guide for bold and adaptable investors.

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How African Countries Can Forge an Inclusive Economic Recovery

Governments that can balance urgent economic stabilization with structural reforms supporting long-term development will build a stronger foundation for the future. Nigeria’s inclusive approach is a case in point.

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Mining After COVID: The South African Case

In this publication we look into the South African case to examine how COVID-19 disruptions have affected the mining industry and propose some interventions to return the South African mining industry to competitiveness and growth.

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Winning the Fight Against Endemic COVID-19

COVID-19 will likely become endemic. If so, a global surveillance, treatment and vaccination infrastructure for monitoring and responding to outbreaks must be developed now.

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