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BCG in Johannesburg

4 Sandown Valley Crescent, 2nd Floor
Sandton, Johannesburg 2031
South Africa

T +27 11 245 1600

F +27 11 245 1601

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Office Administrator

Consultant Recruiting


Zandile Sikhakhane

Marketing Coordinator


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Working Together to Reenergize the South African Mining Industry

Working Together to Reenergize the South African Mining Industry

South Africa’s mining industry has been in decline for the best part of 2 decades. Remaining deposits grow ever deeper, and more expensive, to extract. The industry faces a challenging and at times uncertain policy environment. So BCG worked with the South African authorities and South African mining industry to develop new approaches for growth in the industry. We propose a range of interventions to increase competitiveness, attract investment, encourage exploration and kick-start job growth in the sector.

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How Online Marketplaces Can Power Employment in Africa

Collaboration between governments and online marketplaces will help these digital platforms create jobs and spur growth across the continent.

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African Consumer Sentiment 2019: Optimism and an Eagerness to Spend

It has been a tough few years in many parts of the continent. That hasn’t made a dent in Africans’ desire to buy new things.

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Scenarios for the Future of Water in South Africa

South Africa is, quite literally, running out of water. By modeling potential scenarios, governments and key water users can detect when we may be heading toward a certain future and stay ahead of the curve.

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