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As top-quartile returns become harder to achieve, successful investors are increasingly active and are examining their value creation toolkit. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership in private equity for insight into future trends driving investments.

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Climate, ESG and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Sustainability in Private Equity, 2023

Hundreds of PE firms have reported data detailing the progress that their portfolio companies are making on social and climate-related issues. The results are encouraging.


How We Invest

Marc-Andre Blanchard, CDPQ’s global head of sustainability, explores why blended finance is critical, the role of institutional investors, and what it takes to drive value creation.


What a Year's Worth of Data Tells Us About Private Equity and ESG

For the first time ever, private equity firms are generating standardized, comparable, performance-based ESG metrics for private markets. The findings are already challenging long-held assumptions. Watch the video.


Alternative Proteins Can Contribute to a More Sustainable Food System

More emissions are prevented per dollar invested into alternative (or non-animal) proteins than in any sector—three times greater than investing in transportation or buildings. Read the article.

Trends in Principal Investors and Private Equity

Highlights from Milken 2024

What Makes a Good Private Equity Firm?

New Mountain Capital’s Steven Klinksy reflects on the industry’s evolution and describes how successful private equity firms today focus on building and managing great businesses.

A Tale of Two Markets

Relative to last year’s market, we now see narrowing valuation gaps and increased opportunities in lower and middle markets. David Breach of Vista Equity Partners describes how investment strategies are changing.

The Creative Potential of AI Assisted Discovery

Thomas Fink of the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences discusses AI’s role in advancing innovation and his team’s collaboration with the BCG Bruce Henderson Institute.

Navigating the Investment Hype Cycle

As the venture capital market gains momentum, B Capital’s Raj Ganguly offers strategies for investing wisely while making the most of the new opportunities.

Tech Capital

Portfolio Acceleration

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