Talent Development, Upskilling, and Reskilling

The pandemic has catapulted the world five to ten years into the digital future, requiring businesses and workforce development to accelerate as well. It’s not enough to keep pace—employees must upskill and reskill to stay ahead of tomorrow’s demands.


High-performers bring competitive advantage to a company. We assess the talent and skills companies have, where they are lacking, and whether to build, borrow, or buy what’s needed to fill in gaps.

Our talent development consultants work in partnership with data analysts to enable a shift from capacity-driven planning to a skills-based perspective.

BCG’s Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) tool forecasts workforce needs, identifies talent and skills gaps, and develops strategies to address these gaps.

Architecting the Future of Work

During the pandemic, companies have found that their workers can be just as productive working without the old constraints of time and place. Business leaders have the opportunity and imperative to intentionally design the future of work to unleash a new wave of productivity.


The skills that people learn at the beginning of their careers aren’t necessarily the ones they will need in the future. Our upskilling and reskilling consultants work with companies to build a future-proof workforce.

Il Digital Skill Builder di BCG implementa l'upskilling e la formazione per creare un vantaggio duraturo per i talenti. Basata su studi approfonditi di scienza comportamentale, l'offerta è studiata su misura per costruire competenze cruciali all'interno di gruppi specifici, inclusi i dirigenti (LeadDigital), i manager (DriveDigital), i team (DeliverDigital) e gli utenti (EmployDigital).

Il Digital Skill Builder è supportato da UP!, la piattaforma di Upskilling di BCG, che consente ai dipendenti di accedere a percorsi formativi personalizzati e permette ai responsabili di monitorare digitalmente i progressi dei team in termini di upskilling.


To become a learning organization, organizations need to deliver skill-building solutions at speed and at scale. Continuous learning, embedded in daily work, has become a key strategic imperative and a secret weapon in creating a talent advantage.

Amethyst, l'app di BCG per la formazione e il cambiamento del comportamento , favorisce la formazione continua per leader e manager attraverso il Potere della persuasione, messaggi di testo, e-mail, app e gamification.

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