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L’impatto generato dal panorama economico e tecnologico attuale in rapida evoluzione, unito alle implicazioni a lungo termine dell’invecchiamento della popolazione, del cambiamento climatico e della globalizzazione, influisce su tutto, dal modo in cui l’istruzione e i sistemi sanitari devono evolvere alle modalità di finanziamento delle pubbliche amministrazioni. Oltre a svolgere un ruolo importante nell'aiutare i cittadini e le istituzioni ad adattarsi a questa evoluzione, le pubbliche amministrazioni odierne dovranno anche pensare a come strutturarsi in futuro per servire i cittadini. Esplora la recente pubblicazione di BCG sulla leadership riguardo al modo in cui le pubbliche amministrazioni del futuro dovranno offrire più servizi con meno risorse.

Beyond the Curve: How to Restart in the Wake of COVID-19

How to Restart in the Wake of COVID-19

With no precedent to guide them, governments must create a strategy for reopening economic and social life. A graduated plan, governed at the national level and implemented at the local level, offers flexibility and opportunities for learning.

Win the Fight

Restarting Societies and Economies—Safely

Measure Well-Being To Improve It | The 2019 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA)

Measure Well-Being to Improve It

Governments need a dashboard—one that tracks not just economic growth but also citizens’ well-being and happiness levels—in order to understand how their performance stacks up.

SEDA 2019 | Sustainable Economic Development Assessment | Interactive

SEDA: An Interactive Guide

Explore the SEDA interactive to find out how countries compare when it comes to the well-being of their citizens—and which nations are making the most progress.

Health Care Systems

How Procurement Unlocks Value-Based Health Care

How Procurement Unlocks Value-Based Health Care

Hospitals are increasingly buying medtech products and services less on the basis of initial purchase price and more on the total value they create—for patients, clinical staff, and society.

How ISR Tech Will Disrupt the Market for Defense Drones

How ISR Tech Will Disrupt the Market for Defense Drones

Platforms and procurement models are evolving rapidly, offering improved intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities to militaries and boosting a fast-growing market. To capitalize, defense contractors can’t rely on the business models of the past.

Government Procurement Gets the MIDAS Touch

When used in conjunction with conventional methods, market-informed design and sourcing (MIDAS) can help governments deliver more successful procurement outcomes and greater financial and nonfinancial value.

Why Startups Don’t Bid on Government Contracts

Startups are revolutionizing nearly every segment of the US economy. To partner with more of these companies, the government must communicate with them more effectively and modify its approach to contracting.

Centre for Public Impact

How are governments transforming lives and achieving positive impact? Explore our interviews, articles, briefing bulletins, and podcasts from around the world.

The World Bank’s Human Capital Project: Agile in Action

The World Bank’s Human Capital Project: Agile in Action

Digital in the Public Sector

How Governments Can Restructure to Better Serve Citizens

Il futuro del lavoro è il futuro dell'educazione

Il servizio governativo è un servizio personalizzato

How Governments Can Overcome the Challenge of Providing More For Less

Helping Cities Fund Their Future

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