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How South African Mining Can Address Climate Change Challenges

South African mining companies are facing increased pressure to address their environmental impact. If a more strategic and holistic approach is taken, they can leverage the uncertainty of climate change to their advantage and improve their global competitiveness.

Leading in a Time of Remote Working

Leading in a time of Remote Working

With lockdown levels reduced, successful hybrid work poses difficult challenges for business leaders. Four obstacles still must be addressed to fully benefit from new ways of working and propel organisations forward.


The Role of Gas in South Africa’s Path to Net-Zero

The Role of Gas in South Africa’s Path to Net-Zero analyses how gas can enable the integration of renewable energy at scale in the power sector, the phase-out of coal as a feedstock in the production of synthetic fuels (synfuels), the phase-out of coal and diesel as energy sources in broader industry, and the transition away from diesel in heavy transport. South Africa’s gas consumption will need to ramp down over time to ensure the country can achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

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