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Food System Transformative Integrated Policy for Sub-Saharan Africa

The Food System Transformative Integrated Policy (FS-TIP) initiative in collaboration with the World Food Programme, Rockefeller Foundation, and others, supports African governments to address and strengthen food systems in a holistic way.

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Winning the Fight Against Endemic COVID-19

COVID-19 will likely become endemic. If so, a global surveillance, treatment and vaccination infrastructure for monitoring and responding to outbreaks must be developed now.

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Building Resilience - COVID-19 Impact & Response in Urban Areas - The Case of Kenya & Uganda

The report shares key findings on COVID-19 impact and response on the ground in urban areas of Kenya and Uganda.

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East Africa’s Rebound: How Businesses Can Emerge Stronger from COVID-19, and How Governments Can Support Them

This report recommends four actions for businesses in East Africa to ensure near-term business continuity and four potential opportunities to create advantage in adversity. It also highlights how governments can support businesses in capitalizing on these opportunities.

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