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Powering Personalization in Telecom with an AI-Driven Transformation

BCG X helped accelerate Orange’s AI-powered marketing transformation to deliver the right offer at the right time, across all channels.

As one of Europe and Africa’s leading telecommunications company, Orange set out to increase revenues by adding an ambitious data and AI program to its already advanced internal tech infrastructure. But with a highly fragmented, product-centric technology and marketing ecosystem, it was difficult for the company to deliver personalized offers to its customers.

To achieve a truly personalized marketing experience across all channels, and to maximize value, the company needed to pivot to a more customer-centric approach to build an AI-powered automated marketing ecosystem. First, it created a richer customer knowledge base by leveraging real-time behavioral and transactional data to know when someone is interested in a specific product or service. Then, it built the right technical platform to deliver those personalized offers across all channels in real time—all while optimizing results with a test-and-learn strategy.

In partnership with BCG X and BCG’s experts in the telecommunications industry, AI, personalization, and digital marketing, the company delivered value efficiently and quickly while also allowing internal teams to gain the methodology, tools, and skills needed to support their data and AI transformation. This helped Orange think big and business-first from the start—which, in turn, strengthened the company’s competitive edge.

Our Role

BCG’s experts in the telecommunications industry, AI, personalization, and digital marketing codeveloped learning algorithms, data-quality solutions, and end-to-end tools, which were all fully integrated into the company’s existing technology ecosystem. This led to a 6% increase in existing client sales in upsell and cross-sell across both digital channels and stores. The scope of the AI-powered personalization engine is currently being extended to personalize offers down to the individual price tiers and product features and reduce client churn.

Artificial Intelligence

Nicolas de Bellefonds and Tristan Hoag, X. AI & Software

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increase in existing client upsell and cross-sell sales across both digital channels and in-store

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