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Streamlining Clinical Trials to Improve Patient Outcomes

For Syneos Health, partnering with BCG X on new AI tools and platform helped fuel their core ambition to accelerate the impact of life-changing therapies, worldwide.

Designing any clinical trial is a welter of complex decisions that all must be made correctly. The sheer scope of that crucial planning, and the data analysis needed to drive it, demands AI insights to help support the constant decision-making. Done well, it can dramatically accelerate the launch of new cures and therapies to improve patient outcomes.

Syneos Health sought BCG’s partnership to build AI tools to make data-driven decisions, develop a platform to support data and analytics, and enable Syneos to continue to build and adopt AI tools into their ecosystem.

To support the transformation, BCG X and Syneos Health turned to Microsoft Azure services to build a decentralized platform that empowered different parts of the Syneos Health organization to seamlessly access and transform data — to generate clinical study planning and delivery at speed.

Agile, cross functional teams from Syneos Health and BCG X delivered substantial value in less than a year, creating a scalable platform to:

  • Tap a well of institutional and industry knowledge to support and enable 20+ AI teams (and growing)
  • Democratize data across the enterprise to slash (by 10x) the time it takes for data-hungry AI teams to get started
  • Automate processes to put AI tools into production (7x faster)

Satyanarayan Chandrashekhar, X. AI and Software

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