首席财务官必须兼顾两项主要任务:推动财务团队的内部转型,以及协调该职能部门的日常活动。BCG 的首席财务官卓越中心利用该公司在不同行业的 财务职能部门 的丰富合作经验,帮助客户应对这两种挑战。

BCG 开发了一套全面的方法来帮助首席财务官和他们的团队达到最高绩效和效率标准——我们称之为财务卓越。我们的首席财务官咨询方法已经成为我们与世界各地财务领导者深入合作的基础,这套方法专注于六个核心主题。


Some Examples of Our Impact

  • BCG engaged with a global investment bank to accelerate its finance transformation and address key operating model questions. Our work with the CFO and the team to redefine the operating model for higher efficiency and greater effectiveness resulted in cost savings of 15% to 20% in several areas.
  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we helped an international airport operator analyze and refine its capital allocation decision process. This swift pivot on a key CFO strategy led to a capex cost savings of €1 billion.

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