Customer Data in Emerging Markets

Customer behavior is changing fast. Understanding who customers are and what they want is key to building a successful business, especially in emerging markets. The Center for Customer Insight’s proprietary customer data can provide a tremendous source of future growth for companies around the world.

Having access to customer insights and analytics in emerging markets can greatly assist growing companies. We work with our clients to build a unique advantage in traditionally “data dark” environments, regions where incisive customer data is scarce. Even in areas where data is available, it’s not structured in a way that offers any meaningful value.

Our unique advantage comes from our ability to understand what the data means—by curating, merging, and modeling our proprietary customer databases, traditional primary research, emerging digital listening technologies, and syndicated sources.

But access is only half the battle. The other half is understanding what this data means—and how it can shape a go-to-market strategy and help drive the business. Our customer insight consultants help companies on both fronts.

BCG’s Proprietary Customer Data and Customer Analytics

Many companies today are not well positioned to capture the growth potential in the parts of the world where data has been hard to come by. We have global market consultants on the ground in China, India, Africa, and elsewhere—dedicated customer data insight teams uncovering a wealth of targeted data and deriving insights and strategic actions based on what we find, ensuring value generation and impact. BCG’s Center for Customer Insight has extensive databases about consumers in over 35 markets, representing a combined population of more than 4 billion.

Our Work with Clients on Customer Data

  • India. The Center for Customer Insight’s extensive micromarket data covering demographic, economic, and point-of-interest data—not easily available—helped a global mobile-device company with its retail footprint strategy.
  • China. Our unique consumer research approach and proprietary database helped a fast-food giant assess city potential at a granular level so that it could understand and devise a low-tier market strategy in China.
  • Brazil. The Center for Customer Insight’s customer-centric approach helped give an insurance client a new perspective and consumer understanding, driving powerful impact in Brazil. Revenue in life insurance grew by about three times over four years, and the company devised a strategy to climb four positions in Brazil’s ranking of individual life-insurance market share.

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