建立正确的企业文化对实现可持续竞争优势而言至关重要:具有目标驱动型组织文化的企业比同类公司的表现更好。他们能吸引并留住具有最高技能的多元化员工队伍。他们赋权员工以 敏捷的方式进行合作和创新,并激励员工团队付出更多努力。他们调动员工和资源来推进战略目标。

BCG helps clients articulate what their organizational culture should be.


我们的方法基于最前沿的行为科学,帮助领导者了解如何亲自激活一种新文化,并使用经由我们验证的 变革管理 战略和工具来把这种文化永久性地融入到组织中。



  • Who gets hired? Fired? Promoted?
  • How do you set goals?
  • What do you talk about in key meetings?
  • Which heroes do you celebrate?
  • What projects do you fund?
  • What behaviors and outcomes do you measure, encourage, and reward?
  • How do you react to failure or setbacks?


为了实现高绩效的文化,BCG 的组织文化咨询专家确保公司的宗旨、战略和文化紧密相连。

  • Purpose is an organization’s WHY. It articulates why the company’s work matters to the world. It is the foundation on which the company’s mission, vision, values, and business culture are built.
  • Strategy defines WHAT the organization must do to succeed. An aligned business culture supports strategic goals, whereas a fragmented culture undermines them.
  • Culture determines HOW work gets done: What do people say and do around others? What traits and behaviors does the organization signal as valuable by rewarding and reinforcing them through promotions, funding, and incentives?

With these forces aligned, a company gains the vision it needs to remake itself through cultural change. Driving diversity and inclusion is a critical component of this journey to change organizational culture.


How Changing Culture Put an Insurer on a Growth Trajectory

BCG 帮助一家全球保险公司设计了一种新的职能运营模式,并制定了一个举措组合。通过采纳变革管理原则并关注企业文化,公司降低了 20% 的管理成本,并减少了大约 5 亿美元的总成本。

BCG 对组织文化的前沿思考

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