Pricing and Revenue Management Experts

BCG partners with leading companies to arrive at solutions in new market penetration, competitive pricing, sustainable impact, and more. The following are some of our leaders and experts on pricing and revenue management.


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  • Marketing, Sales, and Pricing (MSP) global practice area leader
  • Commercial programs
  • Pricing strategy
  • Pricing transformation
  • Leads BCG pricing and retail globally
  • Travel and tourism
  • Consumer and retail
  • Pricing and revenue management

Featured Experts

  • Leads BCG Pricing in North America
  • Pricing and promotion
  • Category strategy and management
  • Portfolio design
  • Leads BCG Pricing in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Travel and tourism
  • Strategic planning
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • Analytics driven revenue growth (build, operate, transfer)
  • Client segmentation/client coverage models
  • Treasury solutions strategy and growth
  • Securities services strategy and growth
  • Leads BCG Pricing in Asia-Pacific
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • Sales incentive redesign
  • Net revenue transformation
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • AI in pricing
  • Catalyst pricing suite
  • Digital transformation
  • B2B sales and pricing
  • Data-driven transformation
  • Industrial goods
  • Large-scale transformation
  • MSP Catalyst by BCG
  • Pricing strategy
  • Pricing organizational enablement
  • Large-scale transformation
  • Pricing for CPG companies/net revenue management
  • Analytics and AI for consumer companies within marketing, sales, and pricing
  • Due diligence
  • Portfolio strategy and operating model
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Pricing and Revenue Management