Calvin Hung joined BCG Digital Ventures in 2017 as a seasoned product expert from Silicon Valley. BCG Digital Ventures is part of the BCG X tech-build and design business unit at Boston Consulting Group. With more than ten years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams in tech companies in the US, Germany and China, Calvin has substantial expertise in building product-led organizations and digital products.

Over the years, Calvin has played a pivotal role in establishing numerous new ventures, leading teams to overcome industry challenges and realize blue-sky opportunities at the forefront of emerging technologies. Recognized as a thought leader in innovation, Calvin was a pioneer of many Web 2.0 applications and has now shifted his focus to a new wave of disruptions in Web 3.0.

Among Calvin’s notable achievements, he has incubated a global blockchain-enabled supply chain, a digital bank in UAE, an AR eyewear retail experience in China, and a voice-recognition AI platform in Germany.

Deep Expertise, Broad Experience