Knowledge & Research

Our knowledge and research specialists collaborate with global colleagues across BCG to bring expertise and capabilities to the service of our clients. Our team is made up of a diverse pool of knowledge and research positions that allow us to pursue exciting, innovative research careers.

Members of our knowledge and research group work collaboratively with others throughout BCG—particularly with consulting teams on client cases—covering a broad range of industries and capabilities throughout most markets of the world. We have a direct impact on our business and clients, helping BCGers see problems in new ways, analyze alternative solutions, and advance bold ideas to transform our clients’ businesses and improve the world.

We gain global experience and exposure by interacting with BCG’s worldwide network, working for international clients, and meeting with colleagues around the world. We use the industry’s most advanced tools and technologies to help expand BCG’s vast information resources, analytical capabilities, and operational acumen.

Knowledge Team

Our knowledge team experts leverage functional and industry experience and abilities to partner with global case teams, develop topic-specific insights, and bring new ideas to market in order to help BCG synthesize knowledge into impact.


“I was looking for a 'fast and furious' experience with a steep learning curve and new projects and challenges on a daily basis. I know when I wake up that I will learn something new by the end of the day—and also help the teams better understand a topic.”
—Clément Richet, Knowledge Expert, Team Manager

Data & Research Services

The members of our data & research services team work alongside consulting team colleagues to bring advanced research capabilities to support projects and clients.


Expert Consultant

Expert consultants have deep expertise in specific disciplines or industries. They belong to specific BCG practice areas and bring knowledge and experience to our clients and colleagues. To learn more about these roles, visit our consulting page.

A Day in the Life on the Data and Research Team

A Day in the Life on the Data and Research Team

A Day in the Life on the Data and Research Team

Interviewing with Knowledge

Interviewing with Knowledge

Why Knowledge?

Why Knowledge?

What Will You Work On?

  • Knowledge Management Jobs. You will be responsible for driving our approaches to functional and industry topics and capabilities across BCG. You will work on shaping and sharing BCG’s institutionalized knowledge with case teams and clients. You’ll transform information, experience, and methodologies into insight, helping BCGers see problems in new ways, analyze alternative solutions, and advance bold ideas to transform our clients’ businesses.
  • Data and Research Jobs. You will conduct second-degree, industry-specific research and provide advanced research capabilities to our case teams to support them in finding the right information and getting to the right insights. You’ll join an experienced group of information professionals who open a gateway to business data and information for our consulting teams.

How Will You Create Impact?

You’ll work collaboratively with groups throughout BCG—particularly with consulting teams on client cases.

  • Knowledge Management Jobs. You’ll synthesize and deliver the knowledge our consultants need to solve our clients’ challenges. Your contributions will have a direct impact on our business and clients.
  • Data and Research Jobs. You will provide advanced research capabilities to help our consultants find information on companies, markets, and economies—contributing to a better understanding of our clients’ needs and opportunities.

How Will We Help You Grow?

In any of our knowledge and research positions, you will have the opportunity to interact with global teams and work for international clients.

  • Knowledge Teams Jobs. You will expand your deep industry or functional knowledge across global teams and clients and be pushed to develop new insights and strategies to meet emerging business needs.
  • Data and Research Jobs. As a data and research services professional, you will learn to use the most advanced research tools and technologies, navigate vast information resources, and develop analytical capabilities and operational acumen.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Knowledge Team Jobs. We seek individuals who are already experts in a particular topic or industry, or who want to embark on a journey of deep specialization. We are looking for people with analysis and research skills and the ability to use those skills to distill insights for our clients. We are interested in people who excel at process management and can get results quickly, are clear and precise communicators both orally and written, and are highly organized and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and deliver results on time. We also look for individuals able to work effectively on their own as well as collaboratively on teams.
  • Data and Research Jobs. We seek individuals with a strong acumen for processing a wide array of data to synthesize actionable insights for our consulting teams as they solve complex business problems. We specialize in advanced market industry and financial research, leveraging more than 100 market-leading platforms, such as Bloomberg, SNL Financial, and Capital IQ, as well as reliable public sources.

For recent graduates, we look for strong business and analytical skills, a passion for research, and preferably a relevant academic background—such as business management, economics, or political science.

For more tenured positions, we prefer individuals with relevant experience and a strong track record in an industry or reputable research firm. 

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