Leading in the New Reality

What will the world look like after the pandemic? The answer is, in part, up to leaders in business and government around the world. Even as they attend to the immediate challenges of leading through the crisis, they have the opportunity to do more than react to disruptive change. They can shape our new reality.
Leading in the New Reality


A must-watch video series for business leaders during the pandemic.

Combat COVID and Lead

For business and for government, health is the number one priority for leading in the crisis. Finding safe ways to reopen workplaces and restart economies calls for new decision-making and scenario-planning tools.

Accelerate Digital

Digital transformation isn’t new, but many organizations have been stuck at the pilot stage. Now, as workforces and consumers are pushed online at an unprecedented pace, companies must move faster to figure out the new digital reality—one in which technology and people combine their unique strengths.

Transform to Thrive

To create the new reality, organizations must re-create themselves. How can leaders transform to survive in the short term and shape the long term?


How Transformative CEOs Lead in a Crisis

Since most organizations have already launched short-term measures to respond to COVID-19, the challenge now is to build on that progress. Five leadership traits will be crucial.

Building Your Uncertainty Advantage

For some companies, disruption is a risk to be avoided. For others, it’s an opportunity to be embraced. With better sensing, modeling, and planning capabilities, businesses can use upheaval as a catapult to success.

Shape a Better Future

The challenges of climate change, income inequality, and societal injustice are more pressing than ever. Leaders from the public and private sector must collaborate not just to build back from the crisis but build back better.


The Green Factory of the Future

Manufacturers can implement win-win actions in their production and logistics operations that benefit the environment and create financial value.

How to Build Sustainable Business Advantage in a World Where Great Is No Longer Good Enough

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Win the New Customer

The pandemic has shifted consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. Figuring out which changes are temporary and which are permanent requires companies to learn and respond faster than ever.


At BCG, we’re helping leaders both plan for continued volatility in the near and medium term and imagine what the postpandemic future could look like. While the immediate tasks may be new—containing the spread of the disease, bringing people back to work safely, and reopening economies—the longer-term priorities are not. The difference is that they have become even more urgent. Organizations need to listen to consumers more closely than ever and adapt in real time to their rapidly evolving needs. They must accelerate the spread of digital across their operations and transform for survival and resilience. And, most important, they must articulate a purpose beyond profit in order to help shape a better future for all.

Leading in the New Reality