Strategic Alliances

For companies seeking to drive innovation, gain vital capabilities, or leverage the benefits of scale, a strategic alliance may be the ideal collaboration model. We help companies design and implement such alliances, with a clear focus on capturing their full potential.

Strategic alliances are on the rise—especially in the technology sector, where companies are constantly looking to boost their innovative prowess. A strategic alliance is a medium- to long-term partnership typically focused on a common goal, such as expanding into new markets or launching new product lines. The basis for collaboration is a two-way exchange of nonmonetary value, including essential capabilities or access to expertise or customers.

Our strategic alliance consultants help companies get the most from such collaborations. It all starts with a clear understanding of the benefits of a strategic alliance.

Understanding Strategic Alliance Advantages

Like other collaboration models—joint ventures, M&A deals, simple contractual arrangements, and participation in digital ecosystems—strategic business alliances have unique advantages. Specifically, they:

  • Enable deeper collaboration compared with contractual deals
  • Take less effort to set up and resolve than joint ventures or M&A deals do
  • Allow partial collaboration—for example, limited to a geography, technology, or product
  • Let partners test the relationship, with the idea of possibly moving toward a more complex and deeper commitment, such as a joint venture

Strategic alliances also come with some disadvantages, including greater counter-party risks and less control over the partnership.

We help companies determine whether a strategic alliance is right for them. If it is, we support clients through every phase of the strategic alliance life cycle—from crafting a smart alliance strategy to establishing an office dedicated to their strategic alliance structure and setup.

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The Six Stages of the Strategic Alliance Life Cycle

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Alliance Design and Setup

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