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Reflecting the depth and diversity of the firm’s expertise, BCG’s podcasts dive into lively conversations that cover today’s trending topics.

The So What from BCG

In this series, award-winning journalist Georgie Frost interviews the leading thinkers and doers at BCG on the trends, developments, and ideas that will shape and disrupt the future. Topics range from global warming, COVID-19, business resilience, and social inequity to the influence of digital technology on everything.

Bonus Episode: Previewing The Ballad of the Wind Rigger

An exclusive sneak preview of BCG’s new climate podcast, Climate Vision 2050: We look back from 2050, exploring how the world radically reduced carbon emissions and saved itself from climate catastrophe. Full series launching 2023.

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In Her Ellement

Digital expert Suchi Srinivasan and product designer Corin Lines, both from BCG, talk to the women at the vanguard of technology in business, art, education, and more. How did these leaders get where they are, and what made them realize they had arrived—that they were in their element?

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Career Transitions

Deciding to move on can be challenging. Andrea Gallego, formerly Managing Director and Partner at BCG GAMMA, makes her career transitions based on where she can make the most impact. In this episode, we say goodbye to our co-host as she shares a little about her career trajectory.

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Active Allyship

What can we do to invite more diverse talent into our field? Astera Schneeweisz, partner and director of Engineering, Information Security and Compliance at BCG Digital Ventures, thinks that celebrating curiosity, cultivating a kind listening ear, and demystifying your field are critical elements of active allyship.

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Fresh Perspectives

How can you succeed in tech if your background is nontraditional? Kalina Nikolova has worked in the advertising industry for over 25 years and now acts as VP of Business Operations & Strategy at Yahoo. In this episode, Kalina talks about her mission to champion a diverse range of talent.

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Going the Distance

How can employers keep talented women engaged for the long haul? In this episode, Debika Bhattacharya, chief product officer at Verizon Business, reflects on how her supportive and dynamic company has kept her excited about the telecom industry for over 25 years.

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Thinkers and Ideas

This podcast from the BCG Henderson Institute (BHI) unearths inspiring and thought-provoking insights from leading thinkers about influential ideas on business, technology, economics, and science. Martin Reeves, chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, and Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak, global chief economist of BCG, host the series.

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The Upside of Uncertainty

Nathan Furr and Susannah Harmon Furr discuss with BHI’s Martin Reeves their toolkit for productively managing uncertainty. They outline four distinct stages—reframe, prime, do, and sustain—along with tools for each.

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Everyday Superhero

In his graphic novel co-authored with Gary Zamchick, Tony O’Driscoll tells the story of a change champion—Mae B, a middle manager faced with a heroic challenge— hampered by an ineffective traditional approach to change.

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Me, Myself, and AI

This series from BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review connects with business leaders who have achieved big wins with their AI initiatives and—through straightforward, engaging conversation—finds out how they’ve done it.


Investing in the Last Mile

In her role as senior director of data science at PayPal, Khatereh Khodavirdi is focused on how artificial intelligence can be used to personalize customers’ use of the company’s suite of consumer finance products. Khodavirdi joins this episode to discuss PayPal’s AI strategy, the challenges of integrating disparate data platforms, and her approach to creating effective teams.

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Keeping Humans in the (Feedback) Loop

The fitness studio franchise relies on wearable technology to gather heart rate data from its members worldwide. Orangetheory’s chief data and AI officer, Ameen Kazerouni, joins the podcast to explain how his company maximizes the user experience, leveraging member data while enabling in-studio coaches to make an impact.

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The Three Roles of the Chief Data Officer

As chief data officer at payroll and benefits management company ADP, Jack Berkowitz has three primary responsibilities: managing overall data and data strategy, building data products, and overseeing the use of AI. In this episode, Berkowitz discusses the company's AI ethics board and how AI is used at ADP.

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American Metamorphosis

Is the US a country in flux? Emmy-nominated journalist Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani digs into America’s most complex challenges in this podcast from BCG and Atlantic Re:Think. Through deep storytelling, episodes explore transformative insights and ways to repair our country’s cracks.


The Cost of Everything

As inflation rises, higher prices are stressing business, individuals, and our collective psyche. To find balance and calm amid these harsh conditions, we'll need a deep understanding of the weather around us and a dash of mental fortitude.

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