Enabling Strategic Business Diversification

Strategy enablement program helps technology company executives think in “new boxes” to sustain double-digit growth.

While successfully expanding its core business, our client, a leading international high-tech company with more than 10,000 employees, was also seeking new avenues for growth.

Working together, BCG and the client undertook a six-month effort that culminated in our identifying four attractive adjacent investments that we forecast would sustain the client’s double-digit growth rate for at least five years. That effort also identified an opportunity for the client to enhance its capabilities and advance its diversification program on its own.

The resulting client learning and enablement program focused on boosting the client’s strategic thinking, business development, and innovation capabilities. We worked with more than 30 of the client’s senior executives to build the skills required to identify, frame, analyze, and prioritize new growth opportunities successfully. We also equipped the organization with the new approaches and tools it would need to implement priority projects effectively.

The proprietary content of the BCG Strategy Academy played a central role in the client learning and enablement program. We custom designed a curriculum that included such topics as megatrends, business model innovation, and intellectual property strategy, as well as creativity and ideation. Executives participated in a series of interactive and immersive workshops led by BCG strategy, and client learning and enablement experts. In one such workshop on creativity, the team introduced client executives to BCG’s “thinking in new boxes” process for practical creativity.

In parallel, BCG experts coached executives and senior managers in applying a systematic funnel approach for prioritizing business growth opportunities. We also equipped the client group with a range of additional state-of-the-art tools for establishing action plans and driving implementation.

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